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All of the Love Thinks programs have been used extensively by all brances of the military. Specifically, the PICK and LINKS certification course has been taught in the US Army Strong Bonds Program since 2001 and at the Army Chaplains Basic Officer Leadership Course (CH-BOLC) since 2004. Thousands of military personnel have been trained in or have attended events using the Love Thinks programs. Love Thinks offers military versions of the PICK and LINKS program and the Ultimate Spiritual R&R program is currently exclusive to the military. Our Home Runs and Counseling the RAM are also widely used throughout the military. The military versions contain pictures of military personnel and use military language. Research has been collected on the use of these programs with the military and can be viewed here

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The PICK and LINKS programs are used extensively in church settings. The PICK and LINKS programs are available in Christian versions; the workbooks are referred to as the C-PICK and C-LINKS. The Christian verions apply lessons taught in the programs to Biblical principles. The Christian lesson plans are available for free download on the instructor section of the website.

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The PICK program is widely used in middle school, high school, and college settings. We offer a young adult version of the PICK course in a 10 or 5-lesson format. The young adult versions include pictures of younger individuals. We also offer parent guides that can be used to accompany the young adult workbooks so that the parents of the young adults will be informed of what their young adult is learning in the course as well as topics the parent can discuss with their young adult about the program. The PICK course is also taught in several university settings as a “for credit” course. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about using the PICK course in this way. Research has been conducted on the PICK course with young adults. Click here for a summary of that research. 

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Non-profits have been teaching the PICK, LINKS and Our Home Runs course using grant funding in many settings including community settings, social agencies, jails and prisons, schools, juvenile centers, domestic violence shelters, and faith-based settings. The PICK and LINKS course have been delivered to young adults and older adults alike at all levels of socioeconomic status as well as with diverse populations. For more information please contact us or visit our resource center for those applying for grant funding.

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Spanish Speaking Populations

Both the PICK and LINKS program come in Spanish versions. Love Thinks offers Spanish workbooks, lesson plans, and PowerPoints for instructors to use. 

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The PICK and LINKS programs are available in Mandarin. The PICK and LINKS workbooks, lesson plans, and PowerPoints have been translated into Mandarin. The PICK and LINKS programs have been used extensively in Singapore. 

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