How to Become an Instructor

What Is A Certified Instructor?*

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A  Certified Instructor is someone who has either attended a live or zoom virtual instructor certification training in the course of choice (PICK, LINKS, Our Home Runs, Home Run Dads (or Parents), and Ready and Resilient (R&R) for the Fight Spiritual Fitness Course. These trainings (conducted by Dr. John Van Epp) include both the printed instructor materials and online platform of resources. The trainings provide indepth presentations of each lesson of the course, and simulates the discussion questions, small group activities, and skills-based exercises. After certification, instructors have access to the online platform that includes a video of the Instructor Course for review. Instructors are then able to facilitate the program using the lesson plans in the Instructor’s Manuals along with purchasing participant workbooks/materials. 

The Instructor Certification Packet includes: an Instructor Manual, with matching PowerPoint, sample participant workbook, streaming access to the Instructor training course and resources, and a tri-fold RAM chart (Relationship Attachment Model®) to use when teaching the course. Only instructors that are certified by Love Thinks are licensed to teach and utilize the trademarked RAM, and the RAM must not be used in curricula or courses other than Love Thinks programs. The Instructor’s Manuals are 100+ page manuals containing suggested group formats, extensive lesson plans with exercises and group activities for each of the sessions, and research and theory sections. The Instructor Certification Packets are required for the certification of all instructors.

Please contact for more details. If you are interested in hosting a live instructor training please email To purchase the Instructor Certification courses and set your dates for attending a certification training, please follow the links below.

PICK a Partner

Couple LINKS

Our Home Runs (families)

Home Run Dads (or Parents)

R&R for the Fight (Spiritual Fitness Training Course)

Want to attend a virtual training?

Upcoming dates: Click here to see dates, descriptions, and prices of Instructor Trainings

*Instructor Training /packets are for individual certifications and not for group certifications. Each Instructor Must Attend a training and become Certified–certifications are not transferrable from one instructor to another.

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