Our Home Runs

Families Stepping Up to the Plate

The Our Home Runs program focuses on family bonding and is built around a baseball theme in which parents are compared with coaches and the kids are compared to players. The Home Runs program applies the RAM to family relationships to strengthen the ways that families communicate, respect, work and play together, support and build family resilience, and express affection and affirmation. The Our Home Runs course teaches a practical format for using the RAM for family meetings. The Our Home Runs program is great as a day event and is suitable for two-parent, single-parent, and co-parent families. Click here for a research summary.

Program Sessions

1: Our Family-Team Talks 

This session emphasizes that your family-team must effectively communicate both verbally and nonverbally. You must encourage each other, challenge each other, listen and speak to each other; and you must know how to read each other even when words are not spoken.

2: Our Family-Team Sportsmanship

This session emphasizes gaining and maintaining good attitudes toward each other. Family members, like teammates should be each others biggest fans! Both parents and kids need to practice a mutual respect toward each other, even though there are different roles and responsibilities. This requires a clear understanding of the expectations of each other’s roles and responsibilities as well as the consequences of not following the rules.

3: Our Family-Teamwork

Families must be able to work together and play together. Each member of a family-team has different strengths and interests, but the goal should be to build on the unique aspects of each player so that each member contributes to the whole family, while also improving on his/her weaknesses. Making sure that the needs of the family members are considered and met will build the cohesion of the teamwork.

4: Our Family-Team Resilience

Your family must have a commitment and loyalty to each other that supports and strengthens the resiliency of each member and the family as a whole. Families need to “step out often game” and regroup in a family team meeting. This is where parents and kids can keep it real by knowing that you are just with your teammates. It is vital to make these family meetings a priority, even mandatory! This will ensure that your family makes plans to be together in many ways– from one-on-one to entire family talks and activities.

5: Our Family-Team Appreciation

Your family must express appreciation, love, and support to each other. The strength of your family bond is expressed by the ways you support and touch each other’s lives. It is this spirit of acceptance and affirmation that creates the feelings of belonging and security within your family.


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