Ready & Resilient (R&R) for the Fight

Spiritual Fitness Training

This non-religious, pluralistic spiritual fitness training course encourages individual exploration and small group interaction, while emphasizing that spiritual fitness promotes resilience and readiness to the proportion that it is a positive source of strength to three other domains of life: the situational domain and meaning-making; the personal domain and self-regulation; and the relational domain and building healthy and cohesive relationships with others.

Program Sessions

1: Spiritual Fitness Can Strengthen Your Resilience 

Session one is introduced by a class discussion on resilience. Four major domains of life are identified and how they contribute to resilience. Foundational principles to the course are defined along with key elements and primary competencies of spiritual fitness in each of the four domains of life.

2: Spiritual Fitness Can Transform Your Perspective

Session Two delves more deeply into the specific ways that your transcendent values and beliefs can influence the situational domain, the ways that you make sense or meaning out of your life, and the specific situations that you encounter.

3: Spiritual Fitness Can Fortify Your Self-Regulation

Session three explores the ways that you relate with the personal domain of life: yourself, how you relate with and use your transcendent values and beliefs to help you with the primary competency of regulating your emotions and reactions.

4: Spiritual Fitness Can Enhance Your Relationships

Session four explains the primary competency of the relational domain: the ways you build cohesion in teams and healthy relationships with others.


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