Ultimate Spiritual R&R

Looking Up, Down, In and Out

This pluralistic program applies the RAM to the development of spirituality. The course encourages individual exploration and small group interaction, while emphasizing that spirituality is resilient to the proportion that it is a positive source of strength to three other relationships up live: how one relates to him/herself (in), others (out), and the circumstances of life (down). 

Program Sessions

1: Becoming Resilient Through Developing Your Spirituality

This session provides an overview of the entire course and sets the stage for how spirituality, if applied appropriately, can enhance personal resiliency. The four relationships of life are introduced (up, down, in, and out) and a discussion about how spirituality can help manage these areas of life is facilitated. 

2: Transforming Your Spiritual Beliefs Into Spiritual Mindfulness

In session two, participants learn to develop spirituality in ways that impact what they think, which includes increasing their awareness and mindfulness of self and of their core spiritual values. This session concludes with practicing a skill set to use their spiritual values to adjust their attitudes and the meanings they attribute to live events.

3: Developing Emotional Strength & Relational Support Through Your Spirituality

This session focuses participants on how their spirituality alters what they rely on–the extent that their spiritual values are integrated into the ways they handle their impulses and how they feel. The participants are taught skills and led through a visualization exercise for managing emotional reactions and immediate thoughts consistent with their spiritual values.

4: Exercising Your Spiritual Commitments & Touching the World Around You

This last session focuses on the ways that the participant’s spirituality impacts their actual decisions, commitments and expressions in their three domains of life. This includes a spiritual discipline training plan, setting spiritual goals, and applying their core values to the way they relate to others.


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