Ultimate Spiritual R&R

The Ultimate Spiritual Resiliency and Relationships material is not a predominantly Care to Caregiver set of tools. I have conducted two workshops for my Space and Missile Defense Command Headquarters, both here in Huntsville, AL and at Colorado Springs, CO.  All of my (non-UMT) workshop participants (mostly mature, Dept Army Civilians and a couple of Senior Soldiers) said they were much better equipped to be more resilient, and had new tools they could use daily to get/keep them on track with regards to their spiritual walk. Most commented that the pluralistic nature of the workshop was not what they expected, but a very pleasant surprise, taking them where they were at in their own spiritual journey vs. imposing the instructor’s spiritual values as “correct”. My boss was very enthusiastic about the results and the subsequent word of mouth recommendations by participants. Don’t believe we will have any trouble funding additional future workshops/sessions as part of our overall R2C programming at SMDC using AF dollars on materials and services.

Command Chaplain, Space and Missile Defense Command

I wholeheartedly recommend Ultimate Spiritual Resiliency and Relationships (Spiritual R & R). The three key concepts of spirituality, resiliency and relationships are at the core of this valuable training.  It is an outstanding tool for Unit Ministry Teams to address and facilitate the spiritual development of Soldiers and their Families.

Following my active duty Chaplaincy career, I was privileged to serve on the National Guard Bureau Chaplaincy staff. During my four years on the NGB Chaplain staff, I conducted Spiritual R & R training throughout the National Guard, I can testify to the effectiveness of this pluralistic course.  In fact, every evaluation has reflected the positive value and impact of the training upon the military and civilian personnel.

Ultimate Spiritual R & R is one of the best tools I know that supports the spiritual dimension of Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness (CSF2). Spiritual R & R is now an unique training that highlights the spiritual domain of the Ready and Resilient Campaign.  The spiritual training is well integrated with the other dimensions of resilience.  It trains many spiritual skills which generate optimal performance in addition to inspiring Soldiers to bounce back after any adversity.

Spiritual R & R is a pluralistic spiritual course created to engage Soldiers and Civilians of diverse backgrounds in the exploration of their spiritual values and beliefs, and to provide skills for accessing and using their values/beliefs in a more resilient management of their emotions, perspective and meaning of life events, decisions and priorities, and in their relationships with others. The format of the training is adaptable to the military unit and training time available. The training uses a variety of adult education methods which actively involves each participant.

I do not know of any other valuable spiritual development training like Spiritual R and R.  It provides intentional training for Soldiers to become stronger and more resilient.  It strengthen their values, beliefs and principles which will sustain them in time of need or a crisis.  

As you can note, I am strong supporter of Spiritual R and R because I believe it makes a difference in the lives of our Soldiers and Civilians. 

Chaplain (COL-Ret) 

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