If you’re not an instructor but want to be, check out our upcoming virtual trainings.

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For Army Chaplaincy if funding is through Strong Bonds please email

Dates + Time (for all trainings 1030 – 1730 Eastern Standard Time)

August 23-24: PICK 9.0 ($550)

August 25: Our Home Runs 9.0 ($425)

August 26-27: LINKS 9.0 ($550)

August 23-27: PICK 9.0, Our Home Runs 9.0, LINKS 9.0 ($1525)

If you want to order e-workbooks for your PICK, LINKS, or Our Home Runs virtual classes or the RAM Series e-Discussion Guides you can order them by completing the order form below.

To view samples or learn more about the e-workbooks check out the links below.

*When ordering, each individual, couple or family gets one (1) e-Workbook (for PICK, LINKS, Our Home Runs) or Discussion Guide (for RAM Series)

PICK a Partner E-workbook

Couple LINKS E-workbook

Our Home Runs E-workbook

Home Run Dads E-workbook

RAM Singles Discussion Guide

RAM Couples Discussion Guide

***To order for groups, please email

Self-Study Online Courses

Head Meets Heart (for singles; based on PICK)

Rock Solid Marriage (for couples, based on LINKS)

Rock Solid Marriage Ready (for engaged couples)

The Mother Load: Helping Couples Unite to Tackle the Mental Load (for couples, specific to division of responsibilities